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What Would Happen If We Do Not Shower For A Year or More | Know This Amazing Fact

What Would Happen If We Do Not Shower For A Year or More | Did you ever ask yourself this question? If you did not then in this article we will discuss on it in details that what would really happen if we do not bathe for a year or more. And all the answers you going to get here in this article will be scientific. 
If it comes to shower daily many health experts already have explained why we do not need it everyday. Dr. Casey Carlos assistant professor of medicine in the division of dermatology at the university of California San Diego School of medicine suggested that bathing daily or too often is actually bad for your skin. You may be doing more harm to your skin than doing good to it. Boston dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch says “We over-bathe in this country,” and we do it is because of societal norms.  
People who work out daily or live in a place which is a hot or humid area or work in a place where he or she gets dirty everyday may need daily bath but if someone is bathing daily just to feel fresh or loves to shower for no reason is surely bad for his or her skin.  

When people bathe their main reason is to remove body odor but just to do it they remove the good bacteria from the skin that helps our skin naturally and this actually makes small cracks in skin that can lead to skin infections. 

Human skin is covered with a layer of oil called SEBUM and because of this our skin stays moisturized. Over-bathe actually removes this oil and makes skin dry specially when someone uses soap daily. And it causes dry and itchy skin, can also causes ECZEMA.  

So experts suggest to focus on washing their hands frequently and cleaning their clothes regularly. This will reduce the illness. Also they suggest to focus on the smelly areas of your body and clean them with soap such as armpits, feet etc.  

Now today's main topic and that is what would really happen to us if we do not shower for a year or more:  

A life without showering for a few days is fine for all of us but what next. The first thing we will notice after a few days without showering is Body Odor which is unpleasant smell for everyone. Sweat is odorless but it is the bacteria that break down the sweat into acid.  

Skipping bath for a long period of time could lead to dead skin cell buildup growth. Which will undoubtedly thicken the outer layer of our skin.  

Thousands of bacteria and fungi ( both good and bad ) live on our skin and if we do not shower for a year or more fungus will start to grow in unexpected areas of our body and different skin types will react to it differently but one common problem that could be found in all is itching which will definitely lead to some serious skin problem in future.  

People who live in areas that are hot or humid it is almost impossible for them to live life without showering for a year or more but if they do, problems will be more critical for them. They would probably grow skin diseases faster than those who live in areas that are cold.        


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