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Indian Actress Sonali Bendre should be an Inspiration for those who are currently suffering from Cancer | Know her story here

Indian Actress Sonali Bendre who is well known for her roles in Bollywood movies like Hum Sath Sath Hain, Sharfarosh, Diljale shocked her fans with a news that she has been diagnosed with high-grade Metastatic Cancer and she is now being treated in New York for this. She posted on her Instagram and Twitter about this that “A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis.”  

Image Credit: Sonali Bendre's Instagram

Many of you who heard this term Metastatic Cancer for the first time please take your time to read the below where a small definition is given about Metastatic Cancer.  

What is Metastatic Cancer ?
Metastatic Cancer has the same name as the Primary Cancer. The main reason why cancer is so serious due to its ability to spread in the body. If a breast cancer spreads to the nearby area like lungs then it is called Metastatic Breast Cancer, not lungs cancer. And then it is treated as stage IV breast cancer, not as lungs cancer. By moving into nearby normal tissue cancer cells can spread. One more difficulty doctors face when patients are diagnosed with metastatic cancer that is sometimes doctors can not tell where it started.  

Symptoms that tell you to get yourself checked  
Sudden weight loss, extreme fatigue, darkening of skin, change in bowel habits, fever and recurrent pain etc.  

Best treatment for any type of Cancer  
Cancer can be treated at a much lower cost if it is detected early but nearly two-thirds of cancer cases are detected at advance stages which reduces the possibilities of survival.  

Now Sonali Bendre responding to her treatment very well and her updates on Instagram and Twitter are really inspirational to the cancer patients. Her husband Goldie Behl told media that she is recovering but she needs regular check-ups.  

Image Credit: Sonali Bendre's Instagram

Some home remedies or alternative therapies those may help fight cancer, we will discuss about them:  

Garlic: Garlic can be used to treat cancer. Compounds found in garlic have anti-cancer properties.  
Ginger: Active compounds found in ginger like 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol help to fight cancer.  
Turmeric: It is proven that like garlic and ginger, turmeric also has anti-cancer properties.    


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