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This Fat-Burning Vegetable will blow your mind | Start your summer weight loss

Many of us may have worked extra hard before this summer just to reach the weight loss goals. Are you one of them ? Yes it is Summer time and it is the time to flaunt all the stylish and short dresses. Not just work out but we all know that what we eat is also important. If you are a healthy person who works out everyday and follows workout nutrition strategies  you probably do not need to follow this. But what about them who are too lazy to go to the gym :) 
Belly fat is not just an eyesore but growing abdominal fat is also harmful for our body and it has a direct impact on our personality. 
You probably have already read many articles on fat burning foods on the internet and you probably already know about the list of foods that can boost your metabolism and can help you to lose fat and body weight. Well that's great! 
But in this article you are going to know about a vegetable that you might already know of but i am sure that you do not know about its' fat-burning properties. …

How the World's first ever Black Hole image was captured | Happy Reading

How the World's first ever Black Hole image was captured | Do you think it is so easy to capture a Black Hole image through a World's most powerful Telescope ? If you think yes then you are wrong. The closest Black Hole from Earth what we know of is V616 Monocerotis and it is located about 3000 light years away from Earth and almost 10-14 times of the mass of the Sun. But when it comes to capture a Black Hole image, distance is not the only factor that matters. Right position is also needed to capture a proper image of it. Many of you may or may not know that our Milky Way Galaxy is a spiral galaxy, filled with hundreds of billions of stars and they are arranged like a flat disc. So it was complicated to capture our own Milky Way's Black Hole. 

So scientists finally selected The Supermassive black hole at the center of Messier 87 Galaxy to capture the first ever image. Messier 87 galaxy is the largest galaxy that we know of and about 54 million light years away. The black h…

Why don't spiders run out of silk | Ask yourself

Though the answer is pretty simple but for some people this is confusing. So if you are scratching your head just to find out the right answer you are probably in the right place. All your confusion will be gone soon.  

Silk is the reaction of protein that is produced on demand. Spiders catch prey with the help of their silk and then they inject a venom into that insect to paralyze it. The paralyzed insect does not die instantly but slowly so it remains fresh. The venom that spiders inject into the prey actually liquefies it and then they suck the liquid protein part inside the insect and leave the dry hard skeleton of that insect behind. Spiders eat everything that has got protein inside it and this protein actually helps them to reproduce the silk when it is needed.  

Spiders have the glands on the back of their abdomen where the silk is produced. When they catch prey and suck the protein juice in it and absorb it then the proteins go to the glands at the back end of the spiders where…

Amazing facts about Jellyfish | Wonderfully Weird !

Jellyfish which is also known as Sea Jellies are found all over the world, from surface waters to the deep sea. The body of the jellyfish is made up of a jelly-like substance called mesoglea which is a non-living material. And this jelly-like substance is surrounded by a one cell thick layer of skin. Almost 90% of body of the jellyfish is made up of water. 

There are almost 2000 different species of jellyfish have already been found. The size of jellyfish can be different, the main feature of a jellyfish is the umbrella-shaped Bell which is the actually jelly-like substance and the smallest one can have a Bell disk from 0.5 millimeter to a few millimeters in diameter. The largest jellyfish The Lion's Mane Jellyfish which is also known as the Giant Jellyfish probably the longest animal in the World. Did you know that ? It is even longer than the Blue Whale. 

The life cycle of a Jellyfish is mainly divided into four parts. When they are born they are called Planula Larva and it is the…

Does HTTPS before a Website URL mean a Safe Site | Daily Learning Special Post

When we visit different websites we often see a green lock icon with the word "Secure" to the very left of a URL in the Web Browser's search bar and we see it only if that website is a https site. HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and this internet communication protocol protects the confidentiality of data between an internet user and the website so it means a secure connection between that internet user and the website he or she visited. But does this https before a website url really mean a website is safe ? 

The answer is NO. In a single sentence "a secure connection does not mean a secure site". So if you are seeing this green lock icon with the word "secure" before any website url it means the confidentiality of data no matter what you share with that website are protected and secure, no third person would be able to see them when the data are being transferred from the user to the website server but that website may or may not …

10 Phobias You Never Knew Actually Existed | They are real !

Ten Phobias You Never Knew Actually Existed | There are many phobias that we don't know about but they actually exist in real and in this article we will discuss on 10 interesting phobias that you never knew actually existed.  
But what is Phobia ?? A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.  If that feared object or situation cannot be avoided, the affected person experiences significant distress. 

1. Triskaidekaphobia- fear of the number 13  Number 13 often considered as unlucky number by many of us but that is a different concept. In some cases few people have fully fledged Phobia. People suffering from this phobia always take great care to avoid doing anything that is related to this number. strange? But True. 
2. Omphalophobia- fear of the navel  People suffering from omphalophobia are afraid of their bellybutton or navel being touched or to touch another person's belly button. Sufferers easily get extremely sca…

Mysterious Devil's Sea: Japan's Bermuda Triangle | The Deadlier One

The Devil's Sea, The Pacific's own Bermuda Triangle | If you are seeing the name "The Devil's Sea" for the first time, yes you are seeing it right and it is the Pacific Version of Bermuda Triangle which is even deadlier than our very well known Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. 

This part of the Pacific Ocean also known as The Dragon's Triangle as it was widely believed that dragons lurked in the depths of the ocean here. Mysterious disappearance of planes, sinking of many ships, Monsters sightings, sightings of ghost ships and islands these are what make this part of the ocean more mysterious. Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean has long been a mystery for the scientists and the subject of debate but Dragon's Triangle of the pacific is even deadlier and more mysterious than the original Bermuda Triangle. 

The Devil's Sea is located between the Japanese Coast, about 100 km south of Tokyo. It is known as "ma no umi" in japanese and the…