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Recent studies say that being in Love will make you Fat | Weird But True! | Read Now

It may sound weird to some people but it is a very true fact that being in a love relationship can make you fat. Scientists now have confirmed that people who are in a serious committed love relationship will definitely see the increase in weight and they have explained why.  

In Central Queensland University, Australian researchers confirmed it that being in Love Relationship does increase weight. A research has been done on 1500 men and women including singles and couples over a period of nine years from the year 2009 to 2018. The researchers then compared the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the participating men and women and the researchers then reached to the conclusion that weight gain among the couples are much higher in numbers than people who are single and also that unhealthy lifestyle is not always the reason behind weight gain because in this case couples were found to have fruits and vegetables in their daily diets and most of them were not smokers, alcohol drinkers or fast-food eaters. 

So what was the reason behind this weight gain?? Researchers then said it could be because of the following reasons: 

a) One of the main reason is declining need to impress someone and it played the key role here. One can easily understand this reason that when man or woman finds a partner he or she is no longer in a need to look their best, it means less mental pressure to look perfect and this is why he or she unknowingly gains weight. 
b) Spending more time indoors could be another reason here. It is an undeniable fact that people who are in love relationship like to spend time together indoors. Rather than going to gym in perfect time they spend time together doing nothing. And their this inactive lifestyle later lead to weight gain. 
c) One partner's interest towards healthy eating could also be a cause of weight gain. It is called the ripple effect. If your partner tries to lose weight or is not interested in exercise your performance may take a similar dive and it is called the ripple effect.  



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