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Amazing facts about Jellyfish | Wonderfully Weird !

Jellyfish which is also known as Sea Jellies are found all over the world, from surface waters to the deep sea. The body of the jellyfish is made up of a jelly-like substance called mesoglea which is a non-living material. And this jelly-like substance is surrounded by a one cell thick layer of skin. Almost 90% of body of the jellyfish is made up of water. 

There are almost 2000 different species of jellyfish have already been found. The size of jellyfish can be different, the main feature of a jellyfish is the umbrella-shaped Bell which is the actually jelly-like substance and the smallest one can have a Bell disk from 0.5 millimeter to a few millimeters in diameter. The largest jellyfish The Lion's Mane Jellyfish which is also known as the Giant Jellyfish probably the longest animal in the World. Did you know that ? It is even longer than the Blue Whale. 

The life cycle of a Jellyfish is mainly divided into four parts. When they are born they are called Planula Larva and it is the first part. Then they float around freely in the current until they find a surface to attach to. when they attach to a rock surface this is the second part of their life cycle. And then they are called Polyps - hollow cylinders with a mouth and tentacles at the top . The next phase is Budding Polyps. When a polyps grows bigger and become Cone shaped it is called budding polyps. At this point of time they are still attached to a surface. In the next phase budding polyps turn into Ephyrae and detach from the surface. 

Then they float around in the Ocean and after a few weeks they turn into a full grown Jellyfish. A adult jellyfish can live for 3 to 6 months. 

Jellyfish use their tentacles to catch the prey. They use their tentacles to paralyze the prey before they eat them. They eat fish, crabs, small sea plants, shrimps etc. Sometimes they eat other small jellyfish too. 

Now below in this article you will read some amazing facts about Jellyfish:  

  • Jellyfish do not have brain or central nervous system, instead they have something called nerve nets which sense the changes in environment. 
  • Some jellyfish are immortal, why it is said because there are species that have the ability to travel backward to the polyp stage. 
  • A group of jellyfish is called a Bloom or Swarm. 
  • Jellyfish do not have a respiratory system. Their body is oxygenated by diffusion through thin skin. 


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